3 Day Refresh introduced at Summit – Available now!

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So we’ve all heard of the 3 day Shakeology cleanse. That’s were you drink Shakeology for 3 days, breakfast, lunch, and snack, then have a sensible dinner. It was started by Beachbody coaches to kind’ve cleanse their bodies for a quick 3 days, kind’ve a light mini-detox. Well Carl and Isabelle Diekler were talking about this and Isabelle (Carl’s wife, also co-creator of Shakeology) said it was never meant to be taken that way. They go into further discussion on how the 3 DayRefresh came to be in the video just above. So far it look’s pretty good. I bought one while I was at the Core, it was released the same day Piyo was. So I went ahead and snagged one and probably plan on giving it to my cousin when I see her next month. She expressed interest in Shakeology, so I’ll bring this up as well, and see if she’s game in trying it. If you’d like to try the 3 Day Refresh, just click the bold text below, and it will take you right to purchase page.



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