About Me

Thanks for checking out my blog. My name is John Swanson, I’m 38, and I live in Dallas Tx. The main focus of this blog is about my journey to get fit and healthy.

A little backstory on me. Prior to January 2012, I didn’t do anything as far as excersise. My metabolism has always been very high. I was born premature, overcame a lot of obstacles, and thank the Lord that I’m alive and breathing. Along with that, I was blessed with a high metabolism. Yet all through high school and into my twenties, I could never get past the 120-25lb mark. I’m a hard-gainer, of course I only ate when I was hungry so that wasn’t helping the cause. But what I ate was all crap. I’d have a Coke at least once a day, sometimes twice a day. I never drank water except when I ate out at  fancy sit-down restaurants. It was mostly Taco Beuno, Arby’s, those type’s of food-chains. I just had this lean frame to me with little muscle definition. During that time I was working in the produce section of a grocery store, on my feet 8hr’s a day, constantly moving and when I’d get home I’d feel just exhausted. But did I change my way’s…hell no. I did try the gym in my mid-twenties but  lasted maybe a month and a half and ended up just quitting it. I’d find excuses not to go and honestly…it was just laziness. I didn’t have the motivation to get up and go. I’d rather just stay home and play Xbox.

At Queen’s Bath in Kaua’i

At age 33, I got out of the produce section and changed to a desk job. Not moving around as much as I used to and not changing my eating habit’s. But as Five year’s passed, sitting on my butt, I started to gain weight. And not the good, spread-out-evenly kind. All that weight was going to my stomach. I was still thin looking but I was developing a gut and my work slacks were getting to tight around my waste. About the same time, while laying in bed at night, I’d seen the P90x infomercial. After watching that about 5 or 6 times and really thinking I’ve got to change something. I knew my high metabolism wasn’t going to last forever. I basically was sick and tired of just feeling tired all the time. My body felt like it was way older than now 38, no endurance, no energy. Just crap.  My mom’s side of the family has high cholesterol problem’s which was passed onto me. I had a physical earlier that year and basically the doc. said my cholesterol was too high. I had to get it down. I started walking a bit and changing my eating habit’s and I got it lowered back down. But before long I started back to my old way’s of eating crappy again. So really something inside of me just snapped. After watching the P90x program for the 6th time and looking on youtube at the before and after video’s of other’s who had gone through the program, I decided it was time. I signed up to be a beach body coach to get the discount and started the program  on January 30th 2012.

The first week of P90x kicked my ass. My muscles went into shock mode and I was extremely sore that week. By second week, still sore but not as bad as the first week. And as I started getting into the program, it got easier to do. Not to say it was a cake walk but my body started adjusting to work out’s and I got hooked. I couldn’t wait to get home and work out. It’s still a struggle though. There are those day’s were I’m going to slip and there are those day’s that I don’t feel like working out. I’m gonna make mistakes, which is why this is a journey to getting healthy and fit. This isn’t a 90 day program and “hey I finished, I’m done…it’s Beuno time!” It’s a lifestyle. I’m nowhere near where I want my body to look like that’s why I keep pushing play. After I completed the first round of P90x, I was stronger than when I started. That lazines was gone because I knew what workout schedule I had to do that day when I got home. I have Tony Horton in my living room, coaching me through exactly what I need to be doing. It’s a structured program that really helped me get past the hurdle of not knowing really what to do when I went to the gym. After the first round was done, I started a second round, this time adding a weighted vest to the program. I’m more healthier now, have more energy, don’t have that tired feeling anymore. And that gut that I had prior to doing this program is GONE!! I don’t have a six pack yet but it’s one of my goal’s. It’s a never-ending, day-by-day journey to getting fit and being active.

I don’t want to have a heart attack or stroke because of my family genes of high cholesterol. I don’t want to look skinny anymore. I want to live a

It's me!

Hiking along the coast in Kaua’i Hawaii

long and healthy life. In the end….it was on me to make the change in my life. Like it is with YOU…you have to be willing to make that change in your life…or just stay the way you are. Are you happy with the way you look or are you disgusted and tired of how you look and really… honestly… ready for a change in your life?

I hope reading this inspired you or motivated you to get up off your butt and start reaching for a healthier lifestyle and better body. Leave comments, I enjoy reading them. Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. I’m a Beachbody Coach so if you’re ready for that commitment, you can sign up for a completely free account,  to have me as your personal Coach! If I’m doing these workout’s, then I’m going to make sure you’re doing them. I want to see you get healthy and get out of that skinny body. I want to see you push yourself and loose the weight. I know you can do it!

Thanks for reading,

John Swanson