Beachbody August Challenge Pack Promotions

August challenge pack sale

August Challenge Pack Promotions are here:

T25 is on sale for $180.00 (normally $205.00) 10 Minute Trainer is on sale for $160.00 (normally $180.00) 10 Minute Trainer is also available in Spanish.

Both Challenge packs come with your choice of flavor of Shakeology (HD) for the following months. A trial VP membership of the teambeachbody member perks, and super discounted shipping. This is the last time the T25 challenge pack will go on sale this year. It won’t go back on sale until sometime in 2015. So if you’re looking for a quick in home cardio workout to get in shape, both of these programs would be perfect for you. This is just for the month of August, so act now! You can find these challenge packs on the Challenge Pack page of this site.

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