Beast ABS vs. P90X Ab Ripper X

I’ve done both of these workout’s. Well I’ve only done Beast Ab’s once and Ab Ripper X numerous times but upon comparing the two, I find that Ab Ripper X is a more intense abdominal routine. Beast Ab’s last roughly about 10 minutes to where Ab Ripper X is 20 minutes. Tony does an extra 5 moves, 25, compared to Sagi only doing 20. Maybe that add’s in the extra time. Also you’re not doing ab’s as much in BodyBeast compared to P90X. So far, during the build phase of Bodybeast, they’ll add in a one minute ab workout at the end of the routine and throw in Beast ab’s once for that week. With P90X you were doing Ab Ripper X 3 times a week. Personally, I don’t think it’s enough ab work. I know during the Beast phase, the last 3 week’s, you’re doing more cardio and Beast ab’s and maybe that will get you cut and give you the washboard ab look. I don’t know. I’m going to stick to doing ab work 3 times a week as I was doing in P90X. I’ll probably vary the workout’s out switching between the two ab program’s but I think it will be better for me to continue to build muscle under the fat I have on top. I’ll probably gain more fat as I go into the bulk phase but I’m hoping it doesn’t all go to my stomach. I’ve managed to keep my stomach down when I came off of P90X, haven’t gained any more size in that area. I weighed myself shortly before starting BodyBeast and I was 139lbs. I weigh myself in the morning, after relieving the excess fluids first, and I’m now at 143lbs. I immagine that will only go up as I continue into the bulk phase. If I can gain 10 or more pound’s of muscle, as the program suggest’s I will, then I’ll be happy with that. Below is the video of the BodyBeast Ab’s in it’s entirety. You can find me doing Ab Ripper X on my youtube channel. Anyway guy’s, thank’s for reading. I know I’m slightly behind on uploading my vid’s but I’ll be caught up on them this weekend.

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