Body Beast – Day 1 … off to a rocky start ….

So Sunday night I hit the rack around 9:30 but actually didn’t fall asleep till around 10:30. Also I was excited about starting the new program that I ended up waking up a couple of times during the night. When I got up in the morning I felt slightly off and I could already tell my stomach was giving me problem’s. So it wasn’t a good way to start the day much less a new workout program. Ended up having some acid indigestion most of the day and finally got some acid relief medication before I left work. Because my family has IBS, which I have a touch off, that was hitting me in the morning I think. I’ve also been off of Shakeology for about four month’s now and I can feel my body out of whack because of it. When I was taking Shakeology, the IBS never occurred and I never had the bloated feeling or discomfort in my stomach. I’ve got to get back on it…once you’re off of it, your body will start falling back into its old way’s. I felt much better when I was on Shakeology, so that is a must!

So got home, was feeling better, got the video camera out, and made my C4. Started the workout with heavier weights and as I was going through the workout, had to decrease the weights as you will see. My arm’s started getting to the failure point so had to drop what I had and reduce just to finished the set’s. Now that I’ve got some basis of where to go next time I do chest and tri’s, I think I’ll have a better workout. Today was feeling it out and finding out where I stood as far as the weight’s go. And I really need to work on squeezing my chest more as Sagi is saying in the video. I wasn’t doing that a lot through the routine. The set of free dumbbell’s, (went to Wally World and picked up a pair of 25’s and 30’s) should be good for chest and arm’s for a while. I might need more for leg’s but we’ll see how that goes tomorrow. I’ll see how sore I am tomorrow so judge if I was pushing myself hard enough.

Anyway, I pushed through it. Couldn’t do the push up’s so had to go to my knee’s on those. Felt like the first week of P90x all over again with those. But with time…. they will improve. As far as calorie intake today, I only got to 2,440 caloric intake… which suck’s, so I’ve got to improve on that. I will also be updating my pic’s so I’ve got to do that as well. Anyway guy’s, thank’s for reading, for those of you who did and didn’t skip to the bottom just to watch the video. You know who you are!!  I’ll update tomorrow with build leg’s. Talk to you then.


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