Body Beast – Day 2: Leg’s. It sucked!

Leg’s have to be my weakest part of the body. I don’t know why…they just are. I had the same problem during P90X during those leg routines. The Bulgarian Squats are probably the toughest for me cause my balance is a bit off and my leg’s just have no strength in them by then. My form went way south during the second half so I think what I’m going to half to do is drop my weight and concentrate on my form. As I get more into it, my weight will increase but right now I have to concentrate on proper form. Even if that be without any weight.

Calf raises were ok, but those I could have used heavier weight on. I only used 20’s for those. Felt a burn on them but probably should have used 25’s. Well guys, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll let the video speak for itself. I’m really going to have to work on leg’s and get that down. Work on the weaker part of my body and make that the strong point…the rest will follow naturally. Tomorrow is back/bi’s so hopefully that will be a better workout. Until then reader’s…. keep pushing play and beasting it up!

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