Body Beast – Day 7 Tempo Chest and Tri’s…. Killer workout!

Loved…Loved….Loved this workout. I need to concentrate more on squeezing my chest during the counting motion. I’m not used to doing that but because it’s at a slower pace you have more time to think about what you’re doing. I was squeezing them on some of them, just have to get into the habit of putting tension on them more. For some reason, the back of my right shoulder was tweaking a little bit during this. Maybe I was putting to much strain on it but I started to relax more and the tweaking eased up. I started with lighter weights because I wasn’t sure how I was going to do with the tempo set but probably could have gone a little higher. I started out with 5’s on Chest Press and increased it to 10, then 15. Probably could have gone higher on those. If you find the weight’s are to light, then write down in your notes that you need heavier weights. For the next set, Incline Press, I started at 10’s and progressed up to 20’s…those I struggled with and almost went to failure. I kind’ve messed up on Incline Fly, half way through through them I went back to Chest Press….so I don’t know what I was thinking there.

Skull Crusher’s were awesome, could’ve increased my weight on the last 8 rep’s, did 15lbs but felt I could’ve done 20…next time. Tricep Kickback’s were a killer. Not so much the weight’s but going from weight’s then to dips, and counting up and down, my tri’s were on fire. Couldn’t make it through the first set, had to bend my knee’s. Got through the second set of 12’s and third set of 8’s though. Then Plank Twist-twist at the end, those are tough because you’re arms are just on fire so made it about half way, couldn’t get to 10 on those. But overall, it was a great workout. There’s another Tempo routine of Back and Bi’s which I’ll try next when it come’s up on the schedule. Felt really good with this one. If you order the deluxe set of Body Beast with all the supplements, you’ll get this extra workout disk for free. Or you can order it separately. definitely worth the price for a change of pace in your chest and triceps  Tommarrow is the dreaded Leg’s… so not looking forward to that.


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