BodyBeast 2 rnd – Build phase done.

Well getting backing into the BodyBeast workouts is always fun. I did start a second round of this after my first round was complete. I believe I was half way through the bulk phase when I pulled a muscle or tore something where my shoulder meets my bicep muscle. On the backside of that muscle I could feel it when I would do chest flys or the incline dumbbell press. But like an idiot, I continued on working out, decreasing the weight, but I kept aggravating it. It wasn’t pulled terribly bad, I could still get through the workout but had this ache about it. I didn’t want to go up with the weights in fear that I would really do some damage. It was nearing the end of the bulk phase and I was about to go into the beast phase, the cutting phase, that I got a call from my sister. She wanted to do Insanity and she didn’t want to do it alone so I said I’d join her. Plus this would give my arm a chance to rest and begin the healing part.

So we both did Insanity, you can find it on my youtube channel, and got through that. That’s one program that I may do again. It was a kickass program, extremely hard. If I did do it again, I’d love to do this with someone. I know my sister won’t be doing it again. She got a month into it and then quit. She missed a few workouts and don’t think she was going all out. I know during the second month I wasn’t going full force with it. My goal was to loose my stomach fat, which I did, I just didn’t get the ripped abs that I wanted. Still working on those. After we finished Insanity, I took a week off and then jumped into this second round. Love, love, this program and it was nice getting back into it. As I was doing my chest routines, that muscle in my left arm started flaring back up again so I’ve been changing some of the exercises up. Going with lower weights on the flys and really trying to focus on my chest and keep the tension off my arms when bringing them up. It’s been helping. I also got some joint supplements from Beachbody, have been taking those the past month and those seem to be helping as well.

All in all, my weight has been going up. I started this second round at 141 and weighed myself this morning and am at 144 thus far. I did get the flu during the back half of Insanity and missed a few days, lost some weight there cause I ate very little. Then like 2 weeks later, got hit with food poisoning and lost a lot of fluids there. Went to my doctors and had an IV put in for dehydration and after that, get the must needed fluids that I needed back in my system, the poisoning was flushed out and I was back to normal. I’ve slowly been upped the weights, trying to get that sore feeling the day after which I’ve been succeeding at so that I feel good about. Anyway, I’m about to go into my third week of the bulk phase. I’ve got three more weeks and then hit the build phase which is three weeks.

After I’m done with this round of Bodybeast then I’m going to try out a new workout program from Beachbody called Focus T25. I can find out more information on my youtube channel about it. It’s a new workout by Shaun T, just 25 minutes a day which involved cardio and weights (or resistance bands) so really excited about that. If you guys want to try any of these workouts, please don’t hesitate to buy them from here. If you want to join Beachbody, if you’re serious about it and want to get healthy and in shape, please join. Would love to have you on the team but please only join if you are going to be active with the workout programs and supplements. If you haven’t tried Shakeology, give it a shot. Give it at least 15 or 20 days by then you should feel a difference on it. If at that time you don’t feel its right for you, you can return it for a 30 day money back guarantee. Beachbody offers a body of the bag  guarantee and they stand by that. So it’s totally risk free on your part. Alright guys, I’m outta here. Thanks for reading and check out my Youtube channel for more updates.

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