BodyBeast BULK – Day 22 Chest

WOW!!  That was a great chest workout!! Can already tell this is going to be solid I just have to concentrate on my squeezing more and really tighting up my chest when doing the rep’s. On the Incline Fly and Incline Press I went to failure on the 8 rep range and had to drop to 10’s. The Force Set of 5 X 5, I did with 10’s and got through those somewhat easily so might up it to 15’s the next time. Loved the Closed-Grip Press to Fly combo set, only went to 15’s on those but was really trying to keep my form and concentrate on tighting my chest through. Really felt those afterward’s. Had to go to my knee’s on the decline push up’s on the back 12 and 8 rep’s cause my arm’s were just wasted. Cobra’s I had a little trouble with but I’ll get there. Overall, a great chest workout. I just need to focus more on my form, if it mean’s lowering the weight to make sure I’m tighting my chest, I’m ok with that. We’ll see how it goes the next time. The Bulk phase is 6 week’s so I’ll have plenty of time to play with it and adjust my weight’s as I go along. I can still feel the slight tightness in my chest area. The workout went by extremely fast so that was good. All of these workout’s do, way shorter than the P90X workout’s but it’s all isolated and precise which I love. I can see myself going 2 or 3 more round’s of this program after this first round is done.

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