BodyBeast – Day 12 Chest and Tri’s…WHOOOOO!

Just amazing workout this evening. My chest feel’s very tight as do my tri’s. I did up my weight on the dumbbell chest press so I’m happy about that. Pretty much maintained the same weight I used the previous week. I tried upping it on incline dumbbell press on the 8 rep range, upping it to 20’s but only got to 4 reps before having to drop it back to 15’s to finish the set. All the tricep set’s I stayed with the same weight, anything higher I go into failure mode really quickly so I might stay with this weight and then try and up it when I start the bulk phase. This is my second week of build, I’ve got one more week of that the move on into bulk. Thus far I’m pleased with the program. I can see myself doing another round of this program once I’m done with the first round. It really does isolate the muscle area, it’s more concentrated and just different from P90X.

Another thing I have to do this weekend is take my picture. I meant to do this before I started but got caught up in other stuff, so I’ve got to do that before to much change takes place. I did take some pics right after I finished my second round of P90x but I think they got erased when I formated my hard drive. I could’ve sworn I backed them up but so far can’t find them 🙁 which sucks so I’ll have to take new one’s. Anyway guy’s, until next time. Enjoy the video.


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