BodyBeast Day 14 Back and Bi

This paticular workout was stellar. I increased my weight on almost all of the exercises, except for the single set 1,1,2 Hammer Curl’s. But on alot of the other’s I either upped it by 5 pound’s starting out with everything else going up by 5 as well. Just felt like everything was in sync and in the zone. On Day 3 of the single set neutral EZ bar curl, I started out just with the bar and the highest I got was 15lbs, on the 3 set but only getting to 6 rep’s before dropping it. Now I’m up to 20lb’s getting getting through 8 rep’s and in my notes have written to up the weight’s for week 3. So I’m getting stronger as I go along. I’m in the final week of the Build stage then go into the Bulk stage which last’s for 6 week’s, then the Beasty stage for 3 week’s. I can’t wait to get into the Bulk stage, I think that’s going to be alot of fun. I’m absolutly loving this program, I wish I had started out with this from the start. Not that I’m bashing P90X, I love that workout too, but BodyBeast just feel’s like a right fit for me. Just a great workout if you have a hard time gaining weight and keeping it on. The whole program was designed for the hardgainer’s, anybody can use it wether a hardgainer or not, so I’m really glad Beachbody put out this program for the other type of people who can’t keep the weight on. Anyway guy’s the video is below, thanks for reading.

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