BodyBeast – Day 18 – FAILED ON LEG ROUTINE!!

So yesterday I was supposed to do Build Leg’s, it was Thursday afternoon, but when I got home I was just dicking around and putting it off. 7:30 came around and I took my C4, and popped it in, and decided I was going to do the next phase of the routine. I was going to do Bulk Leg’s, the next leg routine in phase two of the program, just to see how it differed from Build leg’s. Well I popped in the dvd and started it…got  10 minutes into then just quit. I said fuck it and just didn’t want to do it. My leg’s were burning from the lunges and I just gave up. That was the wrong thing to do. NO EXCUSE for me to do that. Needless to say, I was disgusted with myself the following day that I did that. I haven’t skipped a workout yet on this program because I love it so much and I pulled that crap. I started to late and I think that’s what killed it. I’m used to working out right when I get home or shortly thereafter. And the longer I put it off…the more likely I’m not going to do it. But I digress… so I didn’t do my leg workout yesterday. So I have to make that up. I have cardio and beast ab’s on Sunday so I’m going to substitute that for the leg workout. I should have pushed on through the workout but I didn’t. We all have our weak moment’s where we want to do something else and that was mine.

So I’ll be uploading the leg workout on Sunday. I’m probably going to do the Bulk routine of leg’s. I watched through it and it look’s really good and since I’m starting the Bulk phase next week then might as well jump into it. Anyway, just wanted to let those who read this know. Don’t quit out on your workout! The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do. I even vented on our NuWave Fitness Accountability group on Facebook but got support from them that hey, they’d been there themselves and to just push on. So it’s great having a support team backing you up and motivating you. Anyway guy’s, thank’s for reading.

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