BodyBeast – Day 20 Shoulder’s… workout.

I had to lower my weight’s on this shoulder routine. I don’t know, just felt I didn’t have the strength for it or just wasn’t into it, I’m not sure. So I wasn’t happy that I had to drop the weight’s compared to the previous shoulder routine. I still got a good workout and my shoulder’s were sore just wasn’t feeling it. Don’t know if I didn’t have enough to eat prior or what…but I pushed through it. The 1,1,2 front raise’s are still difficult even with 5lb’s, those get your shoulder’s burning. And the Sagi Six-Way is tough, I usually get through half with 5 pound’s and do the rest with no weight’s. Ya’know how you get that feeling that you’re tired, that you know if you fell asleep you’d get a good night sleep. That’s how I felt after the workout. I was sore but my whole body had this calming affect…weird. That’s about all I have for shoulder’s. I haven’t been consistant in doing these blog entries…I’m just now getting caught up on uploading the video’s. I don’t like blogging a day or so after the workout cause it’s not fresh in my mind. Anyway, Build shouder’s is below.

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