BodyBeast – Day 21 Leg’s…. Way to many breaks!!!

Instead of going with the Build Leg’s workout, I decided to plunge right into the Bulk Leg’s. I wanted to see if it would be slightly easier than the Build Leg’s workout….what was I thinking?! It was a tough workout but I took way to many break’s between the set’s and didn’t continue on like I should have. I’m a complete wussy when it come’s to the leg routine and I’m really going to have to work on that if I’m going to see any improvements down below. On the lunges when you start out, previously I started with 10 so going to 20’s on the last 8 reps was to much. So I started with 5lb’s starting out and ended at 15 which was better. Obviously I want to up this as I go but my problem is that I get to that burning set where it hurt’s and I end up quitting. So I’ve got to watch that, not quit, but lower the weight’s. On the Full to 1/2 Sumo Squat I had 20’s and you do 5 set’s of 5 rep’s. Those I felt I could have upped it to 25lb’s so I’ll try that this coming Wednesday on the next let workout. On the Stiff Leg Deadlift I felt it more in my back, like I was putting to much pressure on there and not on my leg’s so my back was aching. Calf Raises were good, had 20’s, getting to the 40 rep range it really started to burn and I had a hard to lifting up but got through them. I haven’t been doing Ab Ripper X as I’d hope to do Mon. Wed. Thurs. just have forgotten to do it, so going into the Bulk phase I’m going to try and remember to put it in. And that’s about it guy’s, don’t have much more to say other than it’s going to be a hard leg workout to get through. It’s the most painful for me but I’ve got to find a way to push through it. Pain is temporary!!!


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