BodyBeast Day 24 – Bulk Leg’s…Felt the soreness the following day!

This go around with the leg’s was far better than last time. This time I actually felt it the next day. The font to back lunges are still difficult but I pushed through them. The squat’s were good and the full to 1/2 sumo squat I did 25lb’s of 5 set’s/5 rep’s. Those I’m going to up to 30’s next time cause I feel I wasn’t struggling enough with them. I was getting a slight burn but felt I got through them pretty easily. The split squat w/EZ bar is still a bitch to do. It’s a progressive set so you’ve got 15, 12, 8 reps…rest 90 sec. 8, 12, 15 and that’s for both leg’s. I started with 10’s and went to 20’s the first half and started the back half with 30’s, dropping to 20’s….my leg’s were screaming. On the stiff leg dead lift, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I’m getting a lot of strain on my lower backside with this exercise. I’m stretching my hamstring’s but I think I’m lifting the weight’s up wrong.  The calf raises I stuck with 20’s and I struggle to lift up cause my calves are burning up. I might stick with 20’s again but know I’ll have to up that to 25’s in the future :).  Otherwise it was a very good workout, I’m happy with how I performed and again felt sore the following day. We have stair’s where I work and I always take them to get to the second floor and could really feel it then going up. In my leg’s and in my calves so that’s good. Well guy’s that’s all I’ve got for this blog post. I’ll work on the dead lift next time and see if I can adjust my form so my back isn’t hurting, we’ll see. Until next time.



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