BodyBeast Day 25 Bulk Arms….LOVED IT!

By far, my favorite arm routine of BodyBeast yet. Really got a good pump from this workout. I think my favorite by far out of the exercises is the wide EZ bar curl, just the temp of it really got my bicep’s going. I stalled on the standing curl at 25lbs at 8 reps, had to drop to 20’s to finish but that’s ok. On the single set skull crushers, I might up the weight’s next time felt I got through them to easily. The hammer curls I started out with 10 going up to 20’s, couldn’t do it. My arm’s were just failing out so I’ll have to drop those to 5lb’s starting out. Other than that, just got a good pump from the workout, my bicep’s were very tight through it. Well I know it’s a short blog but that’s all I’ve got guy’s, the video is below as usual.

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