BodyBeast Day 28 – Bulk Chest…still not tighting my chest

The chest exercise went well but it seem’s I’m still concentrating more on my form and less on actually tighting my chest when doing the rep’s. That I’ve got to work on or slow down or something. I did up the weight on the incline press on the last 8 reps, going from 20’s to 25’s so that felt good. Also upped the weight to 15lb’s on force set of incline press 5 set’s of 5 rep’s. On the close-grip press to fly, on the last 8 reps I jumped to 25’s, started at albs…so next time I should start with 10’s and go upward. The 5lb’s are to light starting out. Declined pushup’s always kill me in the end, can never finish those without falling to my knee’s and finishing them. I know this is a short blog but it’s a short workout and I don’t really have more to say. Other than I’ve got to squeeze my chest on the negative rep and keep my chest tight. Anyway guy’s thanks for reading.

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