BodyBeast Day 30 Bulk Arm’s….it was ok.

This workout tonight was ok. I did up the weight’s on some of the exercises so that was good. But felt last week’s arm routine was better. Tonight I got started late cause I stayed and did some extra work at the office so didn’t start the workout till around 7 p.m.

On the Standing curl, I’m still just maxing out at 25lb’s on the 8 rep range. I haven’t made it through a full 8 rep’s, haha…I seem to get to 6 ish and my arms just collapse, so end up finishing with 20’s. On the Tricep Extension I did up it from 25lbs to 30lbs, however I wasn’t really feeling it in my tricep’s. I was but wasn’t, I tried keeping my elbow’s in but at times they were flaring out. And I wasn’t putting tension on them like I should. Haven’t quite got that down on a lot of the exercises. On the forced set wide EZ bar curl, I upped the weight to 20’s, felt awesome on those. And on the Skull Crusher, I upped it to 25lbs on the 8 rep range. The rest of the routine I kept at the same weight. I did try to up the weight on the tricep kickback but that was a mistake, just upping the weight made my form go to crap. So I’m going to stick with the 10-20’s for now and just tighten my triceps’, keep my form in check. The heavier weight will come in time.

But overall, this workout was just ok. I did get a good pump from it I just think last workout of arm’s was better. Finished it out with weighted ab crunches. I keep forgetting to through in Ab Ripper X during Mon, Wed, and Friday so I’ll have to start that before tomorrows workout. Anyway guy’s thanks for reading for those who do. I’ll have the video up soon.


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