BodyBeast Day 31 – Bulk Back… ended up being a good workout.

Before the workout I was extremely tired. It was a long work day and I stayed over an hour to get some extra work done so that didn’t help. I got some C4 in me so that started getting me going and once I got into it I was pretty happy after it was done.

On the Pull-over instead of starting off with 15lbs like I did the previous work, I started with 20’s, moving up to 30’s. I’d like to go higher weight but right now I’m stuck at just 30lb’s cause of funds. The pull-ups I did slightly better at though still have to use the assist halfway through the second set of 10 pull-ups and all through the last set. On the Reverse Grip Row I upped the starting weight by 5 lbs going up to 35lbs on the last 8 reps. Might being upping that again on the next back workout. One Arm Row I started at 20’s which is ok, could really feel it the last 5 reps and I’m put in my notes to up my weight to 25lbs but I’m wondering if that will be a bit much. I might try it and see how it goes, if all else fails I can always lower it back down to 20’s. Deadlift’s I upped the starting weight from 15 to 20lbs and for reverse fly’s I kept the same weight as last time at 10lbs.

Overall I was happy. Upping the weight on some of the exercises was good cause I did feel it the following day. I did feel a slight tweak in my upper right shoulder area, kinda felt like a slight pulled muscle. So I’ll have to watch my form next time and gauge my weights. But the rest of my back had a good sore feeling to it so I was happy I upped the weights. That’s something that I’ll have to challenge myself to do more. I kind’ve get in a rut of keeping the same weight until I can get through them without struggling and I have to stop doing that. I might not be able to up all the weight’s in each exercise but if I can up some of them in certain ones then at least I know I’m working my muscles harder. Well guys that’s all I’ve got for now, watch the video below.

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