BodyBeast Day 47 Bulk Back…. went awesomely!

Working out the back went great. Wasn’t sure how it was going to go because all day at work I felt like I had no energy again. Kinda like you start getting that sick feeling, your body get’s wiped of energy, but I didn’t have that sick feeling, just no energy. But I got some oatmeal in before leaving work and that seemed to help. Pretty much stuck with the same weights, except for one-arm row’s, I upped the weight to 30lbs from the previous 25lbs. Right now I haven’t up my weight higher than 30lb’s because that’s all I’ve got to work with at the moment. But can really feel it this morning though as I’m writing this, my back feel’s sore. One thing I’m not sure of is if I’m doing the reverse grip row’s properly because I don’t seem to feel much soreness in my lat’s while I’m doing it, I get more sore in my arm’s trying to get the weight up. I believe I’m doing the exercise properly just not really feeling it. I’ll be glad when I have more money to up my weight because the weight’s are getting to light. On the pull-over, I think I’m stretching out my arm’s to far back. Upon rewatching the video, I think I’m stretching my arm’s to far back over my head. Otherwise a great workout, felt great afterward’s. Anyway guy’s thanks for reading. I know these are short but there’s only so much I can talk about these workout’s.

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