BodyBeast – Day 9 Tempo Back and Bicep’s.

Didn’t like this one as much as Tempo Chest and Tri’s, but it was good. I’ll have to compare it to the normal back and bicep routine. The one thing that I did notice in this routine was the bicep curl’s over the bench. Upping the weight with tension on it as you’re counting get extremely hard. I find that my right bicep is stronger than my left and even on my right pushing to 25lb’s, I only got to 4 rep’s (out of 8) before giving out. Maybe I wasn’t positioned right so might work on that. My left arm I started out the same weight as my right and I immediately failed quickly into the set. Will have to drop the weight next time. Live and learn, only way to grow. On the Reverse Bent-Over Row’s I wasn’t sure if I was doing them correctly. Felt more of a strain on my forearms than my lat’s. The All-Angle Bicep curl’s with the EZ Bar where my favorite. Defiantly could have upped the weight on those, then finishing it out with mountain climbers felt great. So over all it was a good workout. I’m not really feeling my bicep’s explode, cept during the Preacher Curl’s, as I would after a bicep routine doing P90X. But that might just be me. I liked the counting of it and keeping everything under tension even though it became extremely difficult. These workout’s just fly by, there not as long as the P90X workout’s, some of them are close, but they go by so fast. Well gang…don’t know what else to say but thanks for reading. I’ll try and put some different stuff up here as I go along.


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