BodyBeast Rnd 2 – Day 7 Tempo Chest and Tri’s

This was a good workout. I’ve now done this particular workout twice, the first time was on Day 7 of the first round of BodyBeast. And here again, on day 7, I’m doing it again. Looking back on it show’s how far I’ve come from starting out, which is a good reminder to keep a log on what’s you’ve done. I don’t know why I’ve only done tempo only twice. I was going through it this morning and just feeling it and feeling the tension on my chest. Really isolating the muscles and focussing on what I was suppose to do so I really felt good about it. It just kinda made me think on furture exercises to just count to 3 on the negative part of the exercise, just ad that extra bit of tension on the muscle.

On the Chest Press I should have gone up with the weights. I played it safe and just did 10lbs, 15lbs, and 25lbs for the 8 rep. But since I hadn’t done this workout in month’s I took caution. However, I would like to do this routine again and I’ve got notes to up the weight. As well as for the Incline Press, I did 25lb’s for the last 8 and have got in my notes to up it to 30lbs. The rest of the workout went well. I forgot that there were Skull Crushers in here and doing the controlled tempo on them was exhilarating yet challenging when reaching that last 8 rep count. Tricep Kickback’s were good, squeezed my tri’s doing 3 count for positive, squeezing at the top, then 3 count down. But then he’s got us doing dips, the first 15 reps of 6 count down and 6 count up. Absolutely burning near the end, I had to bring my knee’s in. Coming out of those the palms of my hands always tingle like mad. Then Plank Twist-twist at the end to finish it off was kinda hard cause again your in plank with your near crossed inward frozen like that while you count to 6 and doing 10 of those you just want to collapse.

But really had good energy. I had 3 egg whites and 2 yolks this morning with 2 slices of tomato for breakfast and a protein shake before the workout so really felt good going into it and during it. Can’t go wrong starting out the day with a decent breakfast. Anyway, I want to post the first time I did Tempo below and then today’s down below. Thanks for reading guy’s, sorry this was a short post but it’s late and I’ve got to call it a night. Tomarrow is bulk legs, I’m switching it out with build legs because I think I can get more out of the bulk routine, that is really pushing my legs to brink. Thanks for reading all.


























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