BodyBeast Rnd 2 Day 9…WoW!!

Nov. 20th.

All I can say is what a great workout. I love this workout. I upped my weight where I could on a lot of the routines. The deadlift, started with 20’s last week but upped the starting weight to 25lbs and went to 30lbs and stuck with that which felt good afterwards. Dumbbell pull-over I stuck with what I started with last weekend, 20, 25, 30lbs. I so need to up the weight on these for sure. EZ Bar Row’s, I upped these by 5 pounds, felt great and the 1 arm row stayed with the same weight. The close Grip Chin up’s for 30 sec were wicked hard, after the first 30 second round, my arms were toast. These I have to use the Chin-up max, it’s just way to hard doing this for 30 seconds. The seated bicep curls I stayed the same weight but did get to rep 7 at 20lbs as opposed to last week where I failures at 5 reps so that was great. Hammer curls were awesome, was really squeezing the biceps at the top but could only get to 7 reps with 20lbs but that’s ok, I’m cool with that. The last exercise was the EZ Bar Curl which I upped by 5 pounds so it was a great way to end the workout. Ohhh and then airplane Cobra’s for 30 seconds, really killing the lower back. Overall great workout. Last time I did this workout, I remember the following day my lat’s, especially right behind underarms, feeling really sore. I hope I get that same feeling tomorrow, but I don’t remember exactly what I did to get that soreness. It might have been the EZ bar rows but I couldn’t say for sure. I know the Dumbbell pull-over are suppose to target that area I believe, just really stretch them but I’m not sure if that was the one that really got them sore. Anyway, I’ll find out tomorrow if I replicated it, haha.

Sorry I don’t have anymore to report, I know this was a short blog post. I’m going to have to come up with different topics to talk about. I did have salmon and a sweet potato for dinner tonight. And undercooked sweet potato, the kind that comes in a wrap that you nook in the microwave. Not very tasty, some of it was still hard. I love sweet potato so next time will be the bare kind and see how I do at putting them in the oven. The salmon turned out ok though, gotta get the protein in. Well I’m not off to make a mass gainer shake and then call it a night. I really  hope my Chocolate Vegan Shakeology get’s here tomarow, I really want to take it with me. I hope all who read’s this have a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday and give thanks for all that you have with your friends and family.

Night all.

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