Build Shoulder’s – Getting back into it.

BodyBeast Round 2 – Build Shoulders.  Day 4  Nov. 15

I gotta tell yah, coming off of a two week hiatus from not working out can be tough. For me it almost feel’s like I haven’t worked out in forever. But once you start, thing’s start clicking, and you get back into that rythmn of getting it done. I did my chest and tricep’s Monday and it just felt so damn good. I’ll update this post with a link when I get the video up. But after the workout it felt amazing, like I’d been gone and now was coming back to that familiar place. Tonight’s workout doing my shoulder’s was no different.

I pretty much tried to pick up where I last left off. The last time I did this workout it was on Day 77 so I was seeing if I could match where I left off. For the most part I did with the exception on some of the exercises but the only way to go now is slowly upping weight. The first move was Shoulder press and  I started with 10 lbs for 15 reps, then 15 for 12 reps, then 25 for 8 reps and back to 20lb’s for the drop set of another 8 reps. With this I’m going to have to start upping starting weight. So instead of starting with 10 lbs, start at 15 and go from there. I probably won’t be able to hit 8 reps at 25 lb’s doing it this way, but I’m going to try for 4 rep’s and see how that work’s. Lateral Raise was next and this pretty much stayed the same, starting at 5, 10, and started at 15 lb’s for the 8 reps but could only do 4 of them. So I dropped the weight and finished the last 4 with 10 lb’s. It doesn’t take a lot  for my shoulder’s to start buring and I hit that fatigue stage. Upright row’s I stayed the same with 20’s, 25’s, then 30’s. These I’ll have to up the weight’s on, even though at 30’s I was struggling on the last couple rep’s to get it up. I’m going to up these next time and see where I stand. The EZ bar underhand press felt good, but again struggled near the last few rep’s of 30 lb’s. I’m going to up these or at least up the last set even if I can only manage 4 or 5 rep’s, it’ll keep me going until I can get to 8. The 1,1,2 front raises I only stuck with 5 lb’s, I can’t seem to go any higher than that without my form going to crap. I might try 10 lb’s on the 12 rep’s next time and see how I do but my shoulder’s and arm’s just feel like dead weight and I can barley get my arm’s up. Those are tough. Next up was the shoulder shrug’s and I wish I had a higher set of weight’s for these. I stuck with 25’s and 30’s for these and did feel it in my shoulders doing the shrug’s and scap trap shrugs, but I do need to go up in the weight’s. I just don’t have the money to do it right now, maybe come December I’ll be better financially sound to invest in some more dumbbells. I would love to get the 90 pound bow flex one’s but they are damn expensive. The last set was doing Sagi six-way super set. You’re sitting upright, and you bring your arm’s out to your side, then swing them inward outstrectched in front of you, then raised all the way up, then reverse that whole move and that’s ONE rep. You have to do 12 of those so I stuck with 5 lb’s and can never get through those without having to drop the weight’s and finishing it with no weight’s. It burns!!!!

All in all, it was a great workout. As I’m writing this out I can feel it in my shoulder’s and in my trap’s in the back. Just feel’s so good to be working out with the BodyBeast workout again. I can’t say enough about it, it’s just so nice getting off work, coming home, and have you’re own trainer there with you motivating you to push yourself. You can just dive right into it. Well I guess that’s all I have to report for now. If you’re a skinny guy that has had trouble gaining weight or muscle mass and the gym frighten’s you, then I would seriously go with this program. Well gang, thank’s for reading and I’ll catch you on the next post. Keep pushing play. Don’t quit, don’t give yourself excuses to get out of working out. Just do it.

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