Clean Week. Just starting your fitness journey but not sure where to start.

If you’re brand new to working out or find the whole thing just overwhelming… clean week might the right stepping stones for you.

Clean Week is a 7-day fitness and nutrition program designed to help you introduce your customers to Beachbody’s comprehensive solution of Fitness + Nutrition + Support. The program will help them kick-start healthy habits that get real results and can lead to a lifestyle change that sticks! You get 4 workouts, a step-by-step meal planner, and a week’s supply of delicious Shakeology.

Try it for a week with better eating habits, easy workouts (with an intenser modifier if you’re breezing through workouts), and trying the different flavors of Shakeology each day of the week. You get FREE access to the clean week workouts, accessed through your computer or laptop, Ipad on Beachbody on Demand(third party access not available through Apple TV, Amazon firestick, Roku, ect…)

Who’s this for? 

• Men and Women who have tried a fitness program and failed. Or haven’t started because they’re afraid to fail. They know they need to make a change but are not sure where to start. Clean week is only 7 days and will show them how easy it is to make healthy choices and give them the confidence to take the next step.
• Great for beginners

This is the perfect program for those who want to loose weight or start getting back into shape without being overwhelmed. Easy workouts and meal ideas. Shakeology which can be used as a meal replacement or snack and is packed with farm grown goodness that help boost the body from the inside. Clean week is 29.99. If you’re still not sure… message me and we can talk about your fitness goals. No pressure to buy.

Try Clean Week.

Clean Week – Purchase from within the U.S.

Shakeology sampler + registration

Vegan Shakeology sampler + registration


Clean Week – Purchase from Canada 

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Vegan Shakeology sampler + registration


Clean Week _ Purchase from the U.K. 

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