Delayed start date for Body Beast – Now August 6th.

Ok, originally I was going to start on Monday the 23, but due to other bills that have to be paid first…I am delaying the start date. The new start date will be August 6th. I thought I had enough money to get the rest of the equipment I’ll need for this program but I don’t. So I’m putting it off for a couple more weeks (till payday) to get everything in order. I’m just running tight on funds this month. I still need to get a bench and get a few more dumbbells at least to be at a comfortable starting point. Ideally I would love to get the Bowflex 90lbs or Powerblock 90lbs but sadly don’t have the cash to do it right now. Maybe at a later date. Anyway readers, just wanted to give an update. If you want to join me on this new program of building muscle, you can purchase the program by clicking the body beast image on the right. And also join theNuWave Fitness Facebook Group and keep up with me in there. Don’t forget to hit the join beachbody link above to get a free membership and log your workout’s in the super gym!!  Until next time reader’s.

Coach John

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