Did Insanity Fit Test yesterday, Plyometric Cardio Circuit today…CRAZY

Jan. 15th,2013

And I thought the Fit Test was bad. That only lasted 25 min. and getting through that had me huffing and puffing. I’m only 145, last time I weighed myself, and being thin does not mean being in shape. So I’m already thin and you’re probably asking why am I doing this. You need to bulk up. I’m doing it for my sister, who could never do this by herself cause she need’s to loose about 20 pounds and it’s she’s said she could never get into Insanity without doing it with a partner. But I’m also doing this to get in cardiovascular shape. I have some belly fat that just isn’t going away and I’m doing it to keep my heart healthy. I’ve been doing the BodyBeast program to bulk up and get muscle and now I would be going into the 3rd block of that program which is cutting and getting ripped. So instead of that, I’m going to do Insanity instead to get cut. I’m not doing this to loose weight, well getting my body fat percent down yes, but I do want to gain weight with this program which you can do. But right now JUST getting through it is a challenge. I’m taking longer breaks than I should but my lung’s and leg’s are just screaming so I have to stop. I know once I get into the routine of it that I’ll improve and get as fit as those people doing the program with Shaun T in the background. But damn it’s tough. I’ll probably give a longer update as I go just wanted to give a quick blog on the first two days of Insanity.

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