Final week of Insanity delayed due to Flu

It’s been a full week with this flu thing. Started monday morning when I got up to go to work. Probably shouldn’t have gone to work but I have no more sick days to use but that Monday my whole body ached and literally had no energy at all. It started getting better by Wednesday, about 60 % better but was still getting the slight chills. By Sat. I pretty much had my energy back but I’m still having this achyness in my head. If I sneeze or jump around I’ll get a slight headache throb then it’ll go away so not sure if that’s still part of the flu that’s hanging on. I tried doing Insanity Abs on Friday and had to stop when they did the jumping part cause I was getting a headache. So not sure what I’m going to do here cause I want to finished Insanity but if this thing is not entirely out of my system I don’t want to push myself. I’m either going to take off this coming week as well and gage how I’m feeling during the week and jump back into it. Or start BodyBeast on April 1st as planned and do Insanity like every other day.

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