Focus T25 Day 1 Alpha Cardio

First day with Alpha Cardio. Took quite a few breaks and modified off and on with Tonya but got a good workout and my shirt was definitely drenched afterwards. I finished Insanity months ago and basically jumped back into doing Beachbody’s other program BodyBeast. Didn’t do any cardio at all, that I kind’ve regret, I should have at least kept it up once or twice a week. So I feel I’m starting all over again with this program, but I this is an entirely different workout program from Insanity. Shaun’s not driving you to hard for 45 minutes. Yes it’s 25 minutes with really no breaks but I don’t think it’s as intense. It’s still a good workout, but they are two different workout programs. Just from this alone, anyone can do this no matter how overweight you are or just need a good cardio workout. Plus, Tonya is modifying all the moves so if you can only do low impact moves, then she’s there for you. That is a great feature that they put in, maybe it very versatile for everyone.

Tomorrow is speed 1.0. Sounds like it’s going to be tough just by the name alone, haha. We will though. I will catch you guys on Wednesday for Total Body Circuit. ¬†Enjoy the video below.


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