Insanity: Core Cardio & Balance. Recovery week….yes it’s still a workout!

Core Cardio and Balance. Thought this was going to be a slightly easy week for recovery and it was kind’ve. It’s still a workout, it’s not all stretching like I thought it would be. The key is not over exert yourself in the beginning, take it slow, because as you go through it Shaun T will push you harder. I’d say the first half was more exercise and the back half was less exercise where he takes it easy on you. Still a good workout, you’re going to sweat if you do it correctly and I wouldn’t say it’s as intense as the other regular exercises he does.

Enjoy this semi-week off of intense exercise. The next 30 day’s are going to be KILLER!!!  All new moves, 60 to 65 minutes workouts, harder moves. You have to get your mind right going into the last 30 days of Insanity and really dig deep. Well guys I know this is a short blog but enjoy the video below. It’s the full workout. The lighting is kinda crappy, will have to work on that next time.



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