Insanity Day 15 – The second Fit test…slightly better than the first one.

Got slightly higher numbers on the second fit test. It’s still hard, specially the switch kicks, I hate those. Some of my reps stayed the same but most of them went up a bit or went up a lot.

Day 1 Switch Kicks: 40       Day 15: 43
Power Jacks: 44                                     44
Power Knees: 50                                    86
Power Jumps: 20                                   25
Globe Jumps: 5                                        7
Suicide Jumps: 10                                  12
Push-up Jacks: 17                                  29
Low Plank Oblique: 50                         23

On the Low Plank Oblique I was counting each leg as one, on this second one I counted each inward knee as one rep and will probably do that from here on out. Anyway, don’t have much more to say. Hopefully these numbers will go up by the 3rd fit test so we’ll see. I can feel my stomach area trimming down so I can feel this workout program doing it’s thing. I just need to start eating more, haven’t kept my calories up so I’ve ended up loosing a couple of pounds. My sister on the other hand hasn’t lost any pounds. Well she did the first week cause this program was a jare to her system and now into the 3rd week she’s not seeing the weight come off. But I’ve read on the forums that alot of women didn’t see the pounds or even waist lines shrinking until the second month. So hopefully she’ll see some changes then. I hope anyway. She say’s if she doesn’t see any changes by recovery week then she’s going to quit, I hope she’s kidding cause I can’t do this alone. It’s better when she’s here cause it gives me support to keep going and try and beat her in the moves 🙂 Anyway, thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys next time.



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