Insanity Day 26 Cardio Power & Resistance + food poisoning

Got food poisoning Suday afternoon which carried over to Monday, then Tues. and Wed. Stomach was cramping, bad pains, and diarrhea a lot. So by Wed. I went to the doctors and got an IV put in for dehydration and some meds. Didn’t need to take the meds cause after the IV that seemed to knock out what was left of the food poisoning. But didn’t workout Mon – Wed. which sucked but had no choice. Did Cardio Recovery on Thurs. which was really good. After not working out for days it felt good to get some stretching in and light exercise. ┬áThen by Fri. we were back at it. So sorry for not uploading more videos guys, I’ve just been on the mend. Now I’m back and ready to get into exercising everyday. I’ve missed it.


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