Insanity Day 36 Fit Test. Did better and remained the same

Got some slightly higher numbers on the 3rd Insanity Fit Test. This is going into the 2nd half of the program…the last 30 days. Switch Kicks I got to 54 and previously did 43. Power Jacks, did 44 remained the same. Power Knees I got to 88, did 86 last time. Power Jumps got to 27, did 25 last time. Globe Jumps got to 10 (four jumps equals one rep) previously did 7. Suicide jumps did 13, previously did 12. Push-up Jacks did 27, previously did 29 so decreased my number for that exercise. By now I’m running out of fuel. And the last exercise was Low Plank Oblique did 24, previously did 23.

So really only increased my reps on the first Switch Kick exercise. All the other’s I only got 1 or 2 more reps in. I’m not happy about those numbers because I think I should be getting slightly higher reps. I don’t know if I didn’t eat enough, didn’t get enough carbs, or just wasn’t feeling. But I got through it. All I can do now is eat and store up energy for the next Fit Test so I can crush these numbers next time. Anyway guy’s thanks for watching. Keep subscribing and liking. You can also get a FREE beachbody account at my site:¬†¬†Would love to have you apart of our team but be serious about it. Don’t join just because it’s free, honestly workout with these programs. Try the supplements and shakeology. Peach out.



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