Insanity Day 63 Final Fit Test … INSANITY IS DONE!

Insanity is done!! This final fit test I thought I did mediocre with. My numbers barley went up and I just…I don’t know, just wasn’t feeling it. Don’t know if I just didn’t have the energy or what, it was just I thought a very poor performance.

Switch kicks – I did 70, previously did 63.
Power Jacks – I did 57, previously did 50.
Power Knees (hate these) – I did 50, previously did 80, though that number is probably off.
Power Jumps – I did 25, previously did 33.
Globe Jumps – I did 12, previously did 8.
Suicide Jumps – I did 14, previously 14, no change there.
Push-up jacks – I did 31, previously did 35.
Low Plank Oblique – I did 25, previously did 24.

So, honestly this last fitness test sucked. Or so I think so. I’m glad that I started Insanity with my sister. I really wish she would have finished this with me. Having someone do this program with you is a big help. You can lean on each other and the competitive juices start to flow and it’s just a huge help having someone there to motivate you and push you through it. The second month was way tougher, it’s longer, the moves are slightly harder and I guess I just lost some steam doing it alone. I know that’s not an excuse but it just how I felt about it. Will I do Insanity again…. who knows. I am going to try and get an Insanity workout in on my off days from BodyBeast or at least do Fast and Furious. Granted I did loose some stomach fat and jeans and shorts that I previously were too tight in the waste to wear, do now fit comfortably. Other shorts that I bought when I was creeping into the 33 range are now to loose and I have to wear a belt. I was looking to get the abs that I wanted but I still have a little ways to go, which is why I’m still going to keep doing an Insanity workout once a week. At least keep doing the warm ups before going into BodyBeast workout. Hopefully doing that with the weightlifting will get me over that final hump. I do plan on doing Shaun T’s new program coming out later this Summer Focus T25. If you want to join me on that (If you’re still reading this) get a membership at my site and just shoot me an email saying you want in on the challenge group. Would love to have you join up and have motivated and excited people join me on this new program. Again, thanks to all the subscribers and customers who are joining, I really do appreciate it. Until next time.

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