Master’s Hammer & Chisel now available!

If you’ve done any of Sagi’s workouts from Body Beast or Autumn’s workouts from both 21 Day Fix programs, then you’ll love this new workout program featuring both of these trainers. You can choose to loose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight with this program. Sagi handles the muscle building side of lifting weights and Autumn handles the chiseled side of sculpting your body into perfection. This is a full body, 60 day workout program with different intensity levels mixed in. You will work your abs, you’ll get cardio, you will work every body part, and sweat big time. If done correctly, this program will get you in the best shape of your life.

What is Hammer and Chisel?

Hammer and Chisel is a mix of weight lifting and nutrition that is great for both men and women, despite the focus on weights. While many of the other weightlifting programs in the Beachbody family are more focused on helping the guys get a ripped physique, this resistance training program is well suited to both men and women.

Who’s behind this innovative new program?

Hammer and Chisel is a joint project from champion bodybuilder Sagi Kalev, the man behind Body Beast, and nutrition and fitness expert Autumn Calabrese, whose 21 Day Fix offers usable, real-life tips and tricks to transform a poor diet into a healthy one that feeds your body and your mind. Sagi’s portion of the workout is the Hammer, while Autumn’s is the Chisel. The entire program centers on building muscle mass and getting the sexy, shredded body of your dreams.

Who’s right for Hammer and Chisel?

This workout is all about building muscle and strengthening your core. If you love cardio and aren’t into weights, this workout might not be right for you. But if you’re a woman whose worried that the weightlifting program will add bulk, don’t be. Hammer and Chisel is designed to boost your metabolism so you burn more calories – even when you’re resting – by building lean muscle, not bulk. It is designed to help you define your muscles, so your bikini body will be beach ready by summer.

If you’re not a fan of cardio and prefer focusing on key muscle groups so you can watch your body transform quickly, this is a great workout. It’s also well-suited for couples who want to work out together, or for runners or cyclists who get in a lot of cardio but are looking for ways to cross train. (The added strength training will make you faster at both sports, and a stronger core will improve your form, making you less prone to injuries.)

What’s the program?

Hammer and Chisel is a 60-day health plan that includes portion control as well as daily workouts that pack plenty of power into 30 to 40 minutes a day, so they’re easy to fit into your schedule. The workouts include training by both Sagi and Autumn, and focus on weights, strength training and body sculpting, along with a touch of cardio to get your heart rate up.

Is Hammer and Chisel suitable for beginners?

No matter what your fitness level, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel program will work for you. It includes the same portion-control containers from Autumn’s 21 Day Fix – so you know what to eat and how much, no more guesswork – and you’ll be properly fueled to hit the weights. The workout is advanced, but each move has a modifier so you can build strength and endurance as you go

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Here’s the individual links to order from:

20527_Thumbnail_10292015_1Base Kit: Building a strong, sculpted body doesn’t require hours spent working out—just an expert approach. And with The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, seasoned trainers Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese have compiled their best, most efficient techniques into 30- to 40-minute resistance-training workouts to help you craft a powerful, perfectly defined physique in just 60 days.

20528_MHCDeluxe_short_1Deluxe Kit: When you want to get ripped even faster, this is how you do it. Sagi and Autumn designed 4 advanced workouts around an 8-lb. medicine ball to challenge your strength, stamina, and stability—so you can sculpt your ultimate physique at lightning speed. And to make meal planning even simpler and more convenient, you’ll receive an extra set of portion-control containers. Get ready to see a masterpiece in the mirror!

MHC_ChallengePack_thumnailChallenge Pack with Shakeology: You save over $80 with this pack compared to buying each item separately. Limited time only! That means when you buy Shakeology and The Master’s Hammer and Chisel in this Challenge Pack, it’s like getting The Master’s Hammer and Chisel for just $30.

It’s a fact—crafting a “masterpiece” physique takes the right combination of fitness and nutrition. And with The Master’s Hammer and Chisel and Shakeology Challenge Pack, you’ll get an innovative resistance-training system designed to help you build a strong, sculpted body along with Shakeology, the ultra-premium nutritional shake that can help you stay healthy and reach your fitness goals even faster.

You can even start streaming The Master’s Hammer and Chisel workouts because your Challenge Pack includes 30 days of FREE access to Beachbody On Demand!

MHC_Performance_CP_US_ThumbnailChallenge Pack with Performance line: It’s no secret—building a strong, sculpted body takes work. And it’s easier to stay committed when things like low energy and soreness aren’t holding you back from achieving your goals.

That’s why Sagi and Autumn created The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Performance Challenge Pack. Not only will you get their expert resistance-training system that will transform your physique into the ultimate work of art in 60 days, but you’ll also get the pre-workout energy to help you hit your workouts with everything you’ve got and the post-workout support to help your muscles come back stronger and ready for more.‡ You can even start streaming The Master’s Hammer and Chisel workouts because your Performance Pack includes 30 days of FREE access to Beachbody® On Demand!**

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  1. Nel says:

    You say this in your article “But if you’re a woman whose worried that the weightlifting program will add bulk, don’t be. Hammer and Chisel is designed to boost your metabolism so you burn more calories – even when you’re resting – by building lean muscle, not bulk.”

    So does this mean we can’t really build a lot of muscle from where we are right now? Its more toning what we have with this program? So body beast is better for building mass?

    • John Swanson says:

      Nel… sorry to late reply, the holidays have been hectic. If you are looking just to build mass…I’d go with body beast. There’s one cardio session in it but the rest it straight lifting weights and using your body for pull-ups and push-ups. Hammer & Chisel is more geared toward strength, stabilization, and core work.

  2. John says:

    Will I still be able to practice karate twice weekly for 45 minute sessions while following this program for 60 days?

    • John Swanson says:

      I don’t see why not. Depending on how rigorous your karate sessions are (cardio wise), you might switch out that day for a lighter workout from Hammer & Chisel. Or space them apart, maybe H & C in the morning, karate in the afternoon, that might work as well.

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