The holidays are over and I overate big time!

I did not pay as close attention to my calorie intake as I should have this past holiday season. Now I didn’t go completely off the wall crazy, gorging myself with junk food and crap, I still ate relatively healthy, just indulged in more sweets than I should have. I drank way more Cokes than I care to admit and not enough water that’s for sure. Went to see my mom in Hot Springs, Ark. for Thanksgiving and an early Christmas and couldn’t help but dive into the tins of cookies and fudge she puts out whenever we are up there. Come the New Year and I was trying on jeans for a get together and I usually can fit into 33 waist with some extra breathing room no problem. But I tried on the 33’s and my belly really had no room to breathe, it was uncomfortable. Uggghhh. I had lost some stomach fat before the holidays doing P90X and BodyBeast and managed to keep it off but now it’s creepy back in. It’s a constant battle. So this is something that I’m going to change. I really want to get rid of this remaining bell fat and get this washboard abs. I’m nearly done with the middle phase of my second round of BodyBeast and instead of going onto the third phase, the cutting phase, my sister and I are going to start Insanity. I’ve heard from other people that this program is the hardest fitness program Beachbody has ever put out. I know it’s going to be extremely tough and I can tell you right now, I’m going to be huffy and puffy my first few weeks getting through it. It’s all cardio, theres strength training thrown in as well, but you use just your body weight. It’s a 60 day program so the first month I’m going to cut back on my calories then the second month try and maintain my calorie intake. My sister wants to loose 20 pounds and I’ve already got here started on Shakeology. She’s done some gym work but she hasn’t lost the weight as she would’ve hoped so she wants to try Insanity. Honestly, this program should do the trick. These people who go through this program and stick with it, look great after the 60 days. So that’s my goal.

Unfortunately, I have a bit of a pulled muscle on my left arm, right below the shoulder. It’s been annoying the past week and a half. I’ve layed off the exercises from Beast that would put strain on it and have been icing it every night but it just doesn’t seem to want to heal. I’ve got a physical check up this Friday so I’ll see if the doc has any advice. But I don’t want to strain it more with Insanity so I might skip the upper body workouts and just concentrate on the leg part. We’ll see, I haven’t seen any of the workouts so I don’t know what all they involve. I do want to do this with her so I’m hoping the doctor can recommend something else but I really think pulled muscle just needs time to heal.

Anyway all, just want to give an update. If you are trying to loose the weight then Insanity or P90X would be the way to go. I look foward to this Monday and getting into Shaun T’s world.

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